Wondering why your wife hates you?

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Marriage is expected to last forever. When you remember the wedding vows before the congregation, the beautiful love songs that followed, and the sermon of the priest, you’re left with no choice than to ensure your marriage doesn’t fail. Even if your marriage is perfect and healthy, you still need extra work to keep it together. 

Now, imagine your wife walks up to you and says she hates you. How would you feel? At that moment, you begin to trace back your steps to know your offence. To be candid, such a moment could be the most horrible of your life. It could leave you with no choice but to consider filing a divorce with your partner. 

I want to assure you that it isn’t the end of the journey. If I was able to overcome such a marital crisis, you’ll definitely overcome this. Today, I’ll share with you some of the practical tips that worked for me. 

What could make your wife hate you? 

If your wife hates you, several reasons could be responsible for that. Let’s explore a few of them:

1. Lack of affection and attention 

Maybe before marriage, you were always in communication with her. You sent her early morning text messages and called her about five times daily. You even made her laugh on the phone.

Then, after marriage, everything changes. You need to wake up early to prepare for work so that you won’t end up spending the most effective hours of the morning in a traffic jam. At the end of the day, you get home late and this time around, tired. This continues and all. Even when she wants to talk to you about it, you claim you’re tired, and she should keep it for another day. Unfortunately, you fail to remember that nothing changes in your schedule. You are always at work from morning to evening. 

The truth is, every woman wants the same attention and affection they got before getting married. No matter how busy you are, create time for your wife. Take her out, make her smile, and let her feel loved every time. 

2. Lack of sex 

Sex is one of the few things that keep the relationship together. If your wife isn’t getting more of it, she thinks you’re giving it to another woman out there. She thinks you’re no longer in love with her or you’re probably not happy being in the relationship together. Soon, she begins to hate you. She could even give you a series of body languages such as nagging and broken communication.

3. Insecurity

If your wife feels too insecure, she’s very likely to hate you. For instance, my wife once told me that I complained too much about how she dresses. At some points, I realized I was complaining when I ought to address her affectionately. Sincerely, I was only trying to protect her and make sure she doesn’t dress to attract hoodlums. 

How about telling your wife to consider wearing a longer skirt, with a smile all over your face? Cool, right? That was what saved my marriage. Smiles.

How to find out if your wife truly hates you 

If your wife is acting strangely, you should not assume she hates you. 

  • First, remember that women do have mood swings. Study her carefully and understand what she likes/detests.
  • Be emotionally intelligent. If you’re emotionally smart enough, you’ll know when she wants some space and when she starts hating you.
  • Study her very well. 
  • Ask questions, if need be. 

How to improve relationship with your wife

Now that you have confirmed that things aren’t going well with your marriage, let me give you some tips on how to right the wrongs:

  • Spend more time with your family 
  • Tell your wife how much you love her always 
  • Buy gifts for her
  • Surprise her with beautiful love songs 
  • Keep healthy communication 
  • Do not involve a third-party in your marital affairs 

To conclude 

I would have said it’s impossible for your wife to hate you, but my experience wouldn’t allow me to tell you that. If however this is not corrected at the initial stage, it may break the marriage apart and lead to divorce. 

As much as you can, make your wife happy. It’s essential. A happy wife will never think of hating you or afraid of sharing her feelings with you. 

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