Moringa Benefits for Men; Learn more about this Powerful Plant

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What is Moringa?

If you are reading this, you probably just heard of Moringa. Studies have shown Moringa has surprising benefits. Before exploring Moringa benefits for men, let’s first see what Moringa actually is. Moringa is a local plant of northern India that also grows in Asia and Africa. The leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and roots of this plant have been used in medicines for centuries. Moringa contains proteins, minerals and vitamins [1]. Some other names for moringa plants are the miracle tree, the drumstick tree, the ben oil tree or the horseradish tree [2].

Moringa benefits for Men

There are numerous benefits of Moringa for men. As indicated by studies, consumption of moringa is best for those looking to improve their overall health. Some of the noted benefits of moringa are as follows:

1. Helps in Cancer Prevention

Moringa leaves and seeds are rich in compounds that contain sulfur, such as glucosinolates. These compounds have anti-cancer properties. These glucosinolates may repress the growth of cancerous cells [3]. The leaf extracts of Moringa limits the growth of tumor cells, which ultimately leads to the prevention of cancer [7].

2. Aids in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)

Moringa also aids in preventing benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). In this condition, the prostate enlarges and makes urination difficult. The leaf extract of moringa helps to reduce the weight of that prostate [3].

3. Improves sexual functioning of men

Moringa has surprising benefits. There are loads of antioxidants in Moringa, which will enhance the sexual functioning of men. Moringa suppresses the neurochemicals and hormones, which cause erectile dysfunction. The antioxidants present in the leaves of moringa helps to reduce the stress and thus improve the sexual health of men [7].

Does Moringa Help Sexually?

Moringa promotes healthy sexual functioning. It is estimated that 40 % of men confront infertility problems. Moringa leaves and seeds are rich in antioxidants, and it also combats oxidative damage, which is related to sperm production [3].

The seeds of Moringa contain significant portions of Vitamins A, C, and D, and thus it is found that Moringa seeds increase hormone levels in men. Vitamin A helps in sperm production and virility. Vitamin C makes the immune system durable, which ultimately helps to treat erectile dysfunction in men. In eastern medicines, Moringa is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Vitamin D aids in building testosterone. This is the reason; men use moringa to increase sexual performance [4].

Moringa is loaded with iron, calcium, and zinc, which are essential for building testosterone. The seeds of Moringa are used as a sexual virility drug. There are coenzymes and vitamins present in the seeds of Moringa, which enhance the blood flow to erectile tissue, which leads to the improvement of sexual health [4].

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Consuming Moringa?

As indicated by studies, there are no adverse effects associated with consuming moringa [3]. Moringa is likely safe in all the ways you drink it, but make sure to get advice from a medical specialist before consuming moringa. Men who are taking medicines for high blood pressure or have low testosterone levels should consult their doctor before taking any moringa supplement. Overall, moringa is safe with little to no risk of side effects [3]. 

How to consume Moringa?

Moringa can be consumed in many ways. Moringa powder is the most common way to destroy it. Make sure to get medical advice before consuming moringa. Following are some of the means through which men can consume moringa:

1. Moringa powder:

You can consume fresh, cooked, or dried leaves of moringa. You can also add moringa leaf powder in your recipes. You can drink moringa juice by just adding a spoonful of its powder in your smoothie or juice. Mixing moringa in smoothies and juices will also decrease its bitterness. You can also sprinkle moringa powder on any drink, but it tastes good when consumed with lemon tea. This is a convenient way for men to get Moringa benefits [5]. You can also sprinkle Moringa powder on soups, but make sure to spray the dust at the end of cooking or just before eating so that you may get full nutrition [6].

2. Moringa seeds:

You can also consume moringa seeds to increase sexual performance. You can drink the young and mature seeds of moringa, but it is suggested that you go with the little ones. You can also pop the grains with oil or butter and salt, just like popcorns [6].

3. Moringa capsules:

You can also enjoy moringa benefits by consuming it in the form of capsules. Moringa capsules are safe to drink. Moringa capsules are considered a great way to improve the sexual health of men as it gives them a healthier and more prolonged erection [4].

4. Moringa Oil:

Moringa oil is commonly known as ben oil, as it contains high amounts of behenic acid. This oil is extracted from the seeds of moringa. There are numerous industrial applications of this oil because of its benefits. The oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-microbial properties. It is also used as a disinfectant to treat the wounds. Moringa oil also improves liver health as it minimizes the toxicity in the liver [8].

To Conclude…

Moringa, the miracle plant, grows in many regions of the world. This plant is famous for its loads of benefits for men ranging from health and beauty to helping cure and prevent various diseases. There are many ways by which you can consume moringa to enjoy its benefits. There are no adverse effects of consuming moringa, but you should consult a medical specialist before consuming it.


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