How to be a better man

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Change is constant throughout your lifetime. No one has all the attributes that best describe a “perfect” man.

You may have all that you deserve, but to achieve extra, you have to increase your productivity. You also need to have control over your character. If you don’t know the right guidelines to follow, it may become so hard to achieve the betterment you crave for. 

Today, I’ll be sharing with you, the simple steps to becoming a better man. These tips will help you to achieve what every other successful gentleman out there and I weren’t able to achieve easily.

Why do you need to be a better man? 

There are a lot of benefits attached to being better as a man. When you become a better man, here are some of the things you’ll experience:

  • A changed man can use his power to understand what he wants in life.
  • As a better man, you’re able to decide for yourself. You will know the right path to take in life. 
  • You’re able to assume responsibility to all the circumstances you create consciously and unconsciously for yourself. Responsibility is what truly defines a man. 
  • You’re able to see things from a different perspective entirely. 

The bad habits to leave behind

To become a better man, it requires that some bad habits must be left behind. These are habits that are probably drawing you back, each time you want to progress. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Procrastination

In your quest to become a better man, you’re likely to encounter a bunch of challenges. One of the most prominent challenges is procrastination. When procrastination eats deep into your system, it becomes almost insurmountable. It becomes your nature, your habit, and your daily attitude. Even when you decide to move on with life and set goals, it becomes hard. Procrastination is a thief that steals effective time. 

When you wake up in the morning, set your daily achievable goals, and achieve them. 

The best way to conquer procrastination is to ensure that you follow your schedule strictly. You must be disciplined.

2. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption remain the top dream killer. They do not just affect your general well-being; they’re easy ways to send you to an early grave if you become an addict. 

Alcohol causes diseases such as brain problems, cirrhosis, and throat ulcer. Although, quitting addiction such as smoking and alcohol could be very hard. It requires a huge determination and gradual process of discipline to overcome it.

3. Focusing On Negativity 

It is true that everyone faces tribulations at some points in life. However, focusing on the dark side of life doesn’t make you any better. Also, it can’t get you out of your current predicament. 

I once lost everything that I ever had. For some days, I couldn’t think straight. Moving on was the hardest decision to take. But, did that change anything? No! I found a better version of myself when I decided to leave the past for the past and move on with my life.  

4. Hanging out with bad friends and naysayers 

Bad friends and naysayers will never support your dream of becoming a better man. They’ll rather draw you back and render your efforts void. To be a better man, you must avoid this group of people. 

5. Complaining and giving excuses

If you are one that gives an excuse when you fail every time, I want to believe you’re not well-disciplined. Discipline will help you to set your goals accordingly.

5 Simple steps to becoming a better man

1. Set daily goals

When you wake up in the morning, draft out your plan and how you want the day to go. Follow the schedule strictly and do not entertain procrastination. 

2. Read “good” books

There’s no such thing as bad books really. Every book has a definite message to pass across to readers. There are different genres of books in the market. Most of the books were written by people who have passed through the challenges you’re currently passing through. They’re highly informative and educational at the same time. If you’re aiming to become better, you must ensure you have the right resources to build yourself with. Walk into a bookshop and select book(s) that help your mind grow. If it’s the foundation of your marriage that’s shaking, go for books that are for that purpose. If it’s business, there are thousands of books that will help you revive your business. 

3. Be a man of integrity and desist from covetousness

Your integrity is your identity. No matter what you’re passing, though, you must not let go of that virtue. It defines who you are to the outside world. It tells people about your personality and what you represent. 

4. Surround yourself with positive minds that will push you to do great things

The truth is, you don’t need a legion of army as friends. Having a lot of friends can sometimes be a distraction for your purpose. Make friends with people that will remind you of your goals and willing to go the extra mile for you.

If there’s a friend you think does not want you to grow, for the sake of your future, cut them off unapologetically. 

5. Keep yourself busy

If you don’t make a move, remember that nothing moves. No one expects a work done without a movement, at least physical sciences say it’s impossible. You have to be busy doing something. You must be productive. 

Don’t sit idly around and expect things to work out fine.

To Conclude

If you want to become a better man, you need to pull-off some habits and make new ones that will help you achieve your dream.

 I’m sure you found this comprehensive guide, both informative and educational. Take the right step today, and enjoy every day of your life. 

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