Here is how Men Can Enjoy Sex After 50!

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Sex after 50 years in the world becomes different compared to when we were younger. The 50s are usually the time when people are already done with the rat race and they have already taken cared of most of their family responsibilities. You can now freely enjoy and reap the benefits of what you have sown without the guilt-tripping or any unnecessary burden.

Why Sex After 50 is difficult?

While this may be true in most other aspects of life, it does not usually bode well for one’s sex life, however, when a person enters the age of 50, especially for men. So many factors come to the forefront when men hit this age that can dampen their sex life. These dampeners could be attributed to psychological, emotional, or physical reasons such as a lower sex drive, low libido, or erectile dysfunction in some cases.

Don’t feel depressed if you happen to have these conditions. These are fairly common cases for most men aged 50 or over. The first step in battling these problems is to acknowledge them and have the courage to approach a medical practitioner about your problems. Most doctors would likely give you a prescription for some of the popular synthetic sexual stimulants in the market. While most men would not think twice about taking that prescription to the pharmacy for the instant gratification of satisfying their natural urges, other men are more skeptical and are just not comfortable with the idea of putting synthetic chemicals inside their bodies.

Listed below are things that men 50 years old or over can do to improve their sex life without the aid of prescription medicines for sexual stimulation.

Have your testosterone level tested

Erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive is usually linked to low testosterone levels. Don’t just assume that this is automatically the case, however. Approach your doctor and have your testosterone checked so that you can discuss the proper treatment if it is indeed verified to be true. There are also natural means of boosting your testosterone level without resorting to prescription medication. Popular natural aphrodisiacs like Tongkat Ali, Maca root, and Yohimbine extract have been proven to increase one’s libido and testosterone levels that you’ll instantly feel like a man with the sex drive of somebody who’s ten or twenty years younger.    


While it is easy to pin sexual health issues like low libido and erectile dysfunction to low testosterone levels or other physical causes, many people also forget that there is a psychological and emotional aspect to these things. Consider going to a mental health professional who has the necessary skills and experience in treating such cases. The key to unlocking your sexual troubles may lie in the resolution of some dormant psychological or emotional issues.    

Check for health problems

Sexual health issues may also be caused by some underlying physical condition such as heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes. A low sex drive or cases of erectile dysfunction may be caused directly by these conditions or by the medications used in treating them.  

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Cholesterol can block your arteries and restrict blood flow which may also lead to erectile dysfunction. Thus, it is always advisable for men, especially those aged 50 or over, to control their weight, eat healthy foods and engage in regular exercise to control their weight and not exacerbate any additional potential factor such as having a high cholesterol level that could lead to sexual health issues.  

Set aside some sexy time

It is easy for us to be drowned in the daily demands and stress of everyday life. These can create barriers to a fulfilling sexual life. As men hit the age of 50 or older, these barriers become even more pronounced as sex becomes the last priority in our list of activities. Hence, you and your partner must make a conscious effort to regularly set aside some time for intimacy to keep the fire burning.

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