4 Best leave-in conditioners for men

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Every man wants to look dazzling – including me. It’s, however unfortunate that a lot of man has never managed to tame their locks, no matter the length.

If you have a frizzy hair, you probably haven’t heard about leave-in conditioners. I used to be ignorant of their hair softening and frizz control qualities until a friend shared the good news with me.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the 4 best leave-in hair conditioners for men in the market and what makes each of them suitable for you. But before then, let’s talk about…

Factors to consider when choosing a leave-in hair conditioner

When you want to buy a hair leave-in conditioner, you’ll see different products from different manufacturers. The reviews of the products may sound so convincing that you end up picking the worst choice ever. If that’s your first time using a product like this, it might give you a wrong lasting impression about leave-in hair conditioners. So, you should put some factors into consideration before making your choice.

Let’s explore some of these factors together!

  • Your hair type: I know you want to get rid of that hair dryness and friction between your hair follicles at all costs. You might have even spent a thousand bucks and still not seeing any positive outcome. Maybe you haven’t considered your hair type. Leave-in hair conditioners give essential moisture to your frizzed hair, but some of them are made for particular hair types. When you’re considering picking a conditioner up, ensure that you choose one that is best for your hair type. If you can’t find one that is specific for your hair type, then go for a universal option.
  • Ingredients: There are different ingredients used in making different types of hair conditioner. These ingredients are essential to check-out before purchasing any product. This is because some of them could be dangerous to your hair health. Some of these ingredients might cause skin irritation, as well. In essence, ensure that the following ingredients are in any leave-in conditioner you would be choosing:
  • Protein-based conditioner: Collagen, Keratin, Wheat Protein, Panthenol and Amino acids.
  • Moisturizing conditioner: Glycerine, Sorbitol, Urea, Cetearyl, fructose, and Water.
  • Safety for treated hair: If your hair is chemically treated, permed, or tinted, you might not want to consider hair conditioners. You may be thinking these hair products would damage your hair. But there’s good news. Some leave-in hair conditioners are very friendly and can be applied on different types of hair.
  • Type of conditioner: There are two basic types of leave-in hair conditioners. Each of them has what it’s best used for. We have the protein-based conditioners and the moisturizing conditioners. The protein-based hair conditioner is used to strengthen your hair and improve the hair shaft structure. While the moisturizing conditioner hydrates your hair and protect it from damage. The latter is usually lighter in texture than the former.

4 Best Leave-in Conditioners for Men: Detailed Review

After careful analysis, putting several health factors into consideration, we’ve come up with the 4 best leave-in hair conditioners for you. Here’s a detailed guide on our picks:

1. Zen’s Men’s Hair and Beard Leave-in Conditioner Spray


If you’re looking for a multi-purpose but effective leave-in conditioner, then Zen’s Men’s Hair and Beard leave-in conditioner would be the best option.

It does not only have a nice scent but also some features that make it suitable for your hair health.

This hair conditioner is suitable for your hair, softening every hair lock, and moisturizing it for you.

You can apply this conditioner to your hair any time of the day you feel like giving your hair an extra kick.

Another outstanding feature that makes this brand different is its versatility for all hair types. This product weighs about 4 ounces, light enough for you to take anywhere you are going.

Zen’s men’s hair and beard leave-in conditioner is made to give your hair the required hydration. It also gives your beards a better look.

Without any doubt, having a bottle of this moisturizing conditioner should be a necessity for every man. Even if you have colored, tinted, or permed hair, you have no issues choosing this brand. It is safe for all colors of hair.

2. Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Hair conditioner


Every modern man wants quality products in their hair care routine. And yeah, it’s very necessary. Brickell is a company with a reputable standard for manufacturing quality hair care products. Their products are designed for proper grooming of hair. And also, for softening of tangled hair.

Several natural efforts were put in place to ensure that the product has a space in the market. Some of the natural efforts are the organics used to manufacture this product.

Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Hair conditioner works by finding its way down the root of your hair. It then rebuilds the hair shaft from the inside to give a perfect result. Besides, its hair shine restoration prowess is second to none.

Regardless of your hair type, this product is suitable for you. If you have colored your hair, you have nothing to worry about. This product doesn’t tamper with your hair color.

Menacing scalp conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can appear anytime and make you look horrible. This product offers you lasting solution to treat such conditions.

It comes with essential oils that soothe every pain from your scalp. Some other natural ingredients used are Avocado, Aloe vera, and Tea tree oil.

3. Olivina Men’s Conditioning Cream


Olivina Men’s Condition Cream made it to the list of 4 best leave-in conditioners for men. The company is well-known for quality products and their universally-acknowledged level of expertise.

This product is prepared from the best organic ingredients you can ever find in hair grooming products. Olivina Men’s conditioning cream does not consist of chemicals that damage hair such as silicones and parabens. Hence, making it a suitable choice for everyone.

There are two ways to use this conditioner: you can apply and wash it away after some time. On the other hand, it’s the right choice as a leave-in conditioner. You may just use a little portion of the cream to your hair and leave it without rinsing it out.

If you care to know, some of the ingredients used in making the product are olive oil, proteins, vanilla, elderberry, and cedarwood. While it’s no news that proteins fortify and strengthen hair. I want to believe you have an idea of what olive oil and probably other ingredients are capable of doing to your hair- Yes, for hair softening.

4. Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan conditioner


This product is a good option for men suffering from hair loss and hair tangle at all times. All the ingredients that make up the conditioner are purely natural. Thus, leaving you with no doubt for their effectiveness.

The most crucial ingredient of the product is the Argan oil from Morocco.  Argan oil is an essential hair grooming ingredient well-known for its wound healing and hair nourishing prowess.

Art Natural Organic Moroccan Argan conditioner gives shiny and glossy hair when used regularly. Your hair can also be softened by using this natural blend of goodness!

Bonus: K & S Men’s hair conditioner


K&S is not a leave-in conditioner, but still worth a special mention in this review.

Kreiger and Sohne products have been around for decades. This product is well-known for providing a solution to hair and skin problems.

Kreiger, meaning warrior, could help to unleash the terror dominating your hair. If you wonder how this could happen, I’ll break it down into simple terms for you.

K&S Men’s hair conditioner is made from peppermint oil that helps to combat skin irritation and dandruff. You can also soothe every dry and itchy scalp with this product. Peppermint is known to be a universal stress-relieving natural ingredient in hair products. But how’s that related to hair health? Broken and dry hair has been scientifically proven to be caused by stress and depression. Now you see why a bottle of K&S might save your overall well-being?

The Verdict

There you have a detailed review of the five best leave-in conditioners for men. These items have been carefully checked, and we found that they’re the best in the market. They have the potential to vitalize, moisturize, and improve the general health of your hair.


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