5 Herbs to Improve Your Mental Health

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Mental health is defined as the overall psychological and emotional well-being of an individual which involve key features such as their cognitive, behavioral and social aspects. Taking care of one’s mental health often involves a combination of counseling, treatment, therapy and medication. When it comes to medication, however, some people are somewhat averse to taking synthetic medication for some reason. They prefer taking natural alternative treatments instead of the conventional, over-the-counter drugs prescribed by most doctors.

Herbs are some of the more popular alternative natural options known for their health benefits including the treatment of mental health-related issues. Listed below are the top five herbs that are known for providing various health benefits including the relief of some mental health problems.

1. Hypericum Perforatum

Commonly known as St. John’s wort, this herb is known for boosting one’s overall mental well-being and is commonly associated with relieving various types of mental health disorders. St. John’s wort is a natural antidepressant that’s widely credited as an effective alternative in treating mild to moderate depression. There are no proven studies, however, as to its efficacy or long-term benefits in treating severe depression hence it is highly recommended that you consult a mental health professional in such cases.

As an antidepressant, St. John’s wort can be mixed with tea, however, it should not be used alongside other medical prescriptions to avoid any unwanted side effects. If you want faster results, you can take them either as capsules or tinctures where they are noted to hold more potency and effectivity.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that contains “curcumin”, a natural compound that gives turmeric its natural health advantages. Along with other health benefits, turmeric is also a viable alternative in improving a person’s mental health.

Turmeric is great at boosting your memory capacity and it provides you with more focus and a greater attention span. It improves mental health by battling the common illnesses that most people acquire over time. It serves as a great defensive tool in preventing Alzheimer’s or dementia during old age and it improves brain health by giving you a steady supply of Vitamin C, magnesium, fiber and potassium. It also relieves depression and anxiety by helping you calm down by reducing any adverse emotions as you try to gain control over them.  

3. Chamomile

Usually mixed in tea drinks where it is noted to provide a calming effect to its users, Chamomile offers a wonderful array of mental health benefits. Individuals with depression and anxiety can make use of this herb as a way of slowing their heart rate and allowing them to have a firmer grasp on their feelings and emotions. Chamomile also promotes better sleep patterns and enhances sleep quality since it is rich in antioxidants.

4. Ginseng

Used for centuries especially in eastern traditional medicine, Ginseng is considered as one of the most popular herbal medicines which contain several chemicals and compounds that are scientifically proven to be effective in improving a person’s mental health. It boasts of different health benefits like the prevention of Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases; alleviating depression and anxiety; stress relief, and the improvement of one’s overall memory capacity. It reduces stress and promotes better brain function, and is also full of antioxidants that help you relax and calm nerves.  

5. Ashwagandha

Known as an adaptogen, Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that promotes a litany of health benefits. As far as its mental health contribution, it is known to aid in fighting stress and anxiety. Whenever you feel down or stressed out, it will immediately boost your energy and balance your emotions. It is also good in battling insomnia and in preventing degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

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